Welcome to Kid's Church Good Friday

Today's Songs: You Gave, Jesus Paid It All, Power in the Blood

Bible Story: John 18-19, Jesus Arrested, Tried & Crucified

Prayer Time

Discussion Time

Hands on Activity (need yarn, glue gun, cardboard, marker, paint)

Creation Station (need pot, dirt, plate, grass seed, twigs, rock, glue gun)

Key Points: We may fail, but Jesus will never fail us

Memory Verse : Matthew 19:14

Bible Story : Jesus on Trial


Prayer Time

Dear Jesus, thank you for loving me. Thank you for choosing me as one of your children. Thank you Jesus that you came to save me. Help me everyday to live for you. AMEN

Discussion Time

What was the name of the garden Jesus went to pray in?


What crime did Jesus commit?

(Jesus did nothing wrong)

What time of the day was Jesus crucified?

(in the middle of the day)

Why did Jesus die on the cross? 

(Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins and came back to life to show we are forgiven.)

Worship Song - Jesus Paid it All


Bible Memory Verse

Review from last week

Worship Song - Power in The Blood


Prayer of Praise

Dear God, You are worthy to be praised. With Your mighty hand, You made the heavens and the earth, and then created us in Your own image. But most of all, You love us so much that You gave Your only Son, Jesus to die for us. Blessed is He, who comes in the name of the Lord. AMEN

Creation Station - Resurrection Garden


Easter Week (Sunday April 4-Sunday April 11)

A challenge to spend 5 minutes each day for this week leading up to Easter Sunday

Sunday April 5, Palm Sunday

Thanking God

Bible Story - Jesus' Triumphant Entry


Key Verse

Question Time:

Prayer Time:

Monday April 6

God's Promises

Bible Story - God's Promise to David


Key Verse

Question Time

Prayer Time

Tuesday April 7

Serving in God's Kingdom

Bible Study - The Kingdom of God


Key Verse

Question Time

Prayer Time

Wednesday April 8

God Protects His People

Key Verse

Question Time

Prayer Time

Thursday April 9

Jesus is the Passover Lamb

Bible Story - The Last Supper


Key Verse

Question Time

Prayer Time

Good Friday April 10

Jesus on Trial

Bible Story - Jesus' Crucifixion


Key Verse

Question Time

Prayer Time

Saturday April 11

Jesus Dies for our Sins

Question Time

Prayer Time