Our Team



Board Members

Lee Hegberg - Board Secretary

Wes Craddock - Financial Liaison

Anthony Rosadiuk

Don Congo


Jackie Hegberg - Treasurer

Renee Jackson - Administrative Coordinator

Tracey Ould - Janitor

Ministry Leaders

Micah & Rebecca Brookhart - Freedom Session

Ray Nelson - Mission Board Chair

Judy Semenyna - Community Missions

Loretta Koehn - Mission Circle

John Elias - Men's Ministry

Wendy Weis - Women's Ministry

Rebecca Brookhart, Mathew Melnyk, Cari-ann Nickel - Children's Ministry Team

Lee & Jackie Hegberg - Jr. Youth

Lee Hegberg & Pastor Micah - Sr. Youth

Joan Thompson - Library & Resource Centre

Judy Semenyna - Community Groups

Looking for a new team leader - Worship Team Coordinator

Garry & Wendy Weis - The Marriage Course

Len Thompson & Mark Cacka - Concert of Prayer

Micah Brookhart - Cultivate